Session for individual customers

I offer photo sessions for individual and commercial clients – for the needs of your brand, company, stud dog or kennel.

I perform photo sessions of  dog models of all sizes, breeds, color and age. There are no restrictions!. I approach each dog individually and adjust the session to the needs of the dog and the owners. The most important thing for me is the session to be enjoyable and pleasant, so it become a great memory for everyone who participated in it. During shooting I handle all dogs in a positive way. The session lasts for around two hours, depending on the conditions and possibilities. The price of the session depends on the number of photos. It’s possible to make a photo shooting of dog performing a dog sport such as agility, dog frisbee, dog dancing, obedience, IPO and other sports.

Who is this session for?

For every owner who would like to have a unique photo session of his furry friend – there are no restrictions or requirements about size, look or skills.


What’s included in the price of the session?

  • planning sessions and instructions on how to prepare yourself and your dog for the session
  • adjusting to the customer’s suggestions
  • the ability to buy more photos up to 3 months after the session
  • license for private use of photos
  • professional and high quality, various photos coming in two sizes
  • portraits, pictures in action and photos together with the owner / family

Contact me to get information about current session prices and possibilities and sign up for the session