Group Workshops

Artistic Dog Photography Workshop is a course for small group of people – maximum 12 participants. Workshop has three parts – theory, practice and post processing. Thanks to it’s unique formula workshop is suitable for beginners and for advanced photographers. Small group allows teacher to individually work with each person during every part of workshop. For workshop I choose beautiful and diverse locations for shooting and invite different kind of models of all sizes and types.

This course is an opportunity to learn from worldwide known professional dog photographer – Alicja Zmysłowska. Through 12 years of experience in dog photography she developed her own very emotional and dreamy style recognized all over the globe. In her art she values uniqueness and always want to show new ideas. Her works have been awarded many times in photography contests such as National Geographic Big Photography Contest in Poland, Monochrome Awards and Neutral Density Photography Award and were numerously published at international photography portals like National Geographic Yourshot, PetaPixel and photography magazines like Digital Camera UK, Digital Camera Poland, FV Photo and Video.

Check where the closest dog photography workshops in Poland and abroad will take place

Didn’t find your country but you would like to participate? We can make it possible together. Contact me to find out possible ways to cooperate. If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your country – contact me and we can arrange it.

You can also contact me to get an INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP – ON LOCATION OR ONLINE!

This workshop has a goal to inspire and promote individuality of each photographer.

Every course begins with an theory speech, which covers not only photographic issues or finding ideas and preparing for the shooting but also knowledge connected to dog communication and handling.

At practical part we shoot different and well-behaved dog models all together and divided in groups in a place that offers wide-variety of photographic possibilities. It will be explained how to find them first – and then – how to use their full potential and place dog inside it to create a special picture.

Second day is full day with post-processing. First part of it will give you chance to see and follow complete workflow of the artist from A to Z in Adobe Lightroom and chosen features in Adobe Photoshop. This part will teach you conscious retouch from selection, basic adjustments to reaching the desired mood on your photo and exporting it with right settings to publish in web or for printing. It will show you how to finish a photo and add dreamy look on the photo. In second part you will get to work at individual sessions with teacher while editing your own photos taken at the workshop and discuss them with whole group in the end of the course.

At this workshop you will learn how to use potential of the scene and abilities of your own imagination and gear.

“On this workshop you will learn how to achieve perfect frame during shooting, straight out from the camera.”

Price includes:

  • Two days of Dog Photography Education with worldwide famous award-winning artist!
  • Long lectures covering topics from dog behavior and handling, through planning a session considering many factors and conscious composing a photograph and editing it to reach emotional portrait in mood we desire.
  • Shooting outdoors with various dog models in diversified location/s with wide variety of photographic options.
  • Cold drinks, tea and coffee
  • Work in group and individual sessions with the artist during the practical parts of the workshop
  • Notes from both days
  • Online consultation after the workshop in special, private group
  • Certificate of participation

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop formula that is suitable as well for amateurs that want to bring their photography to higher level as well for professionals seeking for inspiration or expanding their business profile in new kind of photography.


This workshop is for you If you:

  • know basics of camera manuals
  • want to expand your knowledge about working with and understanding of dogs
  • want to get inspired and find new ideas for your photography
  • want to make a photo shooting in special location and use it’s potential with great dog models that can do a lot of tricks useful for photography
  • want to know how to take emotional portraits of dogs and give them a special feeling in post-processing – create dreamy, or dark mood at your pictures
  • want to develop your own unique style

Check where the closest dog photography workshops in Poland and abroad will take place

Didn’t find your country but you would like to participate? We can make it possible together. Contact me to find out possible ways to cooperate. If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your country – contact me and we can arrange it.

You can also contact me to get an INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP – ON LOCATION OR ONLINE!

What are you going to learn?

  • How to plan a dog photography session from A to Z
  • How to prepare before the shooting
  • What gear is best for dog photography portraits and action
  • What camera settings are best for dog photography
  • How to deal with dog model and communicate with his handler/owner before and during the session
  • How to find and show dog’s true potential
  • How to choose right location and time of the day for the session
  • How to create good scene and then choose the right moment to take the shot during the shooting and how to select best of the best in post-production
  • How to deal with different kind of light and weather in dog photography
  • How to take dynamic and sharp photographs of dog in action
  • How to make everything safe and enjoyable for everyone that take part in the session
  • How to post-process the photographs from efficient selection, through basic adjustments, creative retouch to creating desirable mood and export with best settings.

How to prepare for the course:

  • Bring your camera, lenses and fully-loaded batteries and many memory cards.
  • Bring a computer with Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud CLASSIC (best version is the newest version) and Adobe Photoshop
  • For outdoor part bring comfortable clothes adequate to predicted weather and good for long walking
  • In case of rain bring waterproof clothes and protection for your photographic gear

 Still not sure If this course is for you? Feel free to ask and I will do my best to help you decide.

All courses outside of Poland are held in English.
Courses in Poland are in polish language only.

Opinions from participants of workshops in past:

I have to say that the Workshop in Kosice was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it! From scouting for locations to interaction with your dog model and retouching – Alicja had it all covered. There is so much one can learn from her, I would have loved for the Workshop to last longer. Alicja was very helpful at all times – giving us feedback everytime she got a chance, lending us her gear to try it out and answering every question we asked. The workshop definitely exceeded my expectations! Thank you Alicja for being such an inspiration! It was a weekend to remember!

Artistic Dog Photography Workshop in Kosice, Slovakia

When I heard about the First Dog Photography Workshops with Alicja Zmyslowska in Austria I was very excited and immediately knew I needed to participate, as I have seen a lot of Alicjas work around and always loved her photos. This workshop was the first I ever visited, and I was very anxious about what to expect. The two days were packed with information and a lot of fun, and more than met my expectations! It was very interesting to learn how Alicja chooses her locations, and how she handles the dog and owner before finally trying to get the perfect shot. On the second day, we learned a lot about retouching the pictures, and it really changed the way I see my own pictures. I can highly recommend visiting a workshop with Alicja to everyone without hesitation!

Artistic Dog Photography Workshop in Vienna, Austria

Alicja is an exceptional photographer making unique photos. I have admired her photos for a long time. Therefore, it was great to be able to follow her workshop in Bergen this year. We had two nice days. The first day we had a photo session in the beautiful surroundings of the Hansa museum. The following day, Alicja taught us how she works with the photos in Lightroom.
During these two days I´ve got a lot more experience shooting many different dogs, and I specially appreciated what I learned about retouching photos in Lightroom. It was great to learn how Alicja works, and I got a lot of inspiration to work further with my photos.
Thank you, Alicja, for a great workshop!

Artistic Dog Photography Workshop in Bergen, Norway