Untamed Spirits

After my Heartwarming Dog Portraits series I’ve started working on next project during which I’ve traveled through Europe capturing the untamed spirits of wolfdogs and their friends. You will find there Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, American Wolfdogs, Wolves and wolves hybrids, Foxes and Australian Dingo. Also, I had amazing opportunity to photograph amazing relationship between a Silver Fox named Wupar and a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog named Jaud. My project started five years ago in Poland and I’ve traveled to Austria and Germany to capture more amazing stories and animals. I wanted to show their wild side, so I have chosen special dark landscapes that are authentic to models from this project – some of them were even actual habitats of wild wolves. My aim was to show they are still wild souls and they are not easy to keep as a pets and no one should do that decision too easily – to not harm them, we have to respect their untamed souls.