Craving Miracles

In project “Craving Miracles”, I combined the stunning beauty of nature and personalities of adventurous dogs. I was mostly inspired by the beauty of the northern landscapes of Norway, Iceland, and Alaska. For this project, I wanted more than just to travel through wonderful landscapes with a dog and a camera — I wanted to create a connection, an emotional bond between the dog and a selected place.

My biggest rule, my philosophy in photography, my aim is always to be creative and not  reply any schemes, always bring new things into my art and never repeat. Every time I want to bring my dog photography into new level and get out of my comfort zone. In project – Craving Miracles, my aim is to shoot emotional landscapes, capture emotions, create connection between dog and nature, put him inside it not next to it. I want to show majesty and power that is coming from those places and place dog model inside of it.

I wanted to make people not only appreciate a pretty view and a dog in it but to stop for a while, think about the photo, an emotion it creates, a story it tells. For me, it’s about creating emotions. To achieve that, I have to travel to such places, spent time with nature and my dog models, be inspired. That’s why I spend so many weeks planning, traveling, scouting for right places and, finally, taking photos. My goal is to create art with a core of truthful photography inspired by real experiences, real locales. An art that tells stories and has a piece of my soul in it.

Each photo shoot was a different adventure that couldn’t be possible without the heroes of the project — the dogs and their infinitely dedicated owners who were ready to drive for many hours in a car, or even fly a plane, help position a dog in a water breeze from a waterfall, walk through cold, glacially fed rivers or stand in a pouring rain with their four-legged models  just to cooperate with me to achieve the perfect shot.