Individual Workshops and Online coaching

Individual workshops are adjusted to your needs. They include theoretical lecture, practical part in the outdoors and photo processing in Adobe Lightroom and / or Adobe Photoshop. You can also get detailed feedback on your portfolio.

The exact plan of individual workshops is created for the student. It can be a workshop for beginner, as well as for advanced photographer – depending on your level of advancement and needs.

With individual workshop:

  • Get detailed feedback on your images
  • Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your photographs and know what to do better in the future
  • Get to know what you can do better in terms of composition on your images, light during the shooting and editing, colors position, handling and expression of the dog
  • Get to know how what you can enhance in your photograph and what flaws you can hide with post-processing

During the theoretical part you will get knowledge from those topics:

  • Working with a dog – safety and joy at a photo session
  • Selection of photographic equipment and appropriate settings
  • Preparations for the photo session
  • Composing a photo
  • Understanding and using light in photography
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Cooperating with a client


During post-processing part you will learn:

  • Lightroom or Photoshop Basics – of your choice
  • Erasing and deleting unwanted parts from image
  • Creating perfect mask
  • Effective sharpening
  • Enhancing reflections in eyes
  • Dodge&Burn
  • Removing of the color casts on dog’s coat (from the grass or yellow stains)
  • Fixing unbrushed fur or removing a collar and clipped parts from the fur
  • Adding a natural haze of soft light in the background
  • Creating desired mood and colors on image
  • Focus on important parts of the photo with a vignette
  • Saving the photo for web and printing
  • Tips and tricks

Online Coaching

There is a possibility to get your Individual Workshops in Online Coaching form. These workshop will contain only – optional – the theoretical part – knowledge about photographing dogs and working with dogs, and the part related to post-processing. Online course can take up to three hours. There is possibility to book online course with editing only.

From online course you will get:

  • PDF with notes from the course
  • File with edited image during the course
  • Up to three hours with dog photography education


If you are interested in setting the date of Individual Photography Workshops/Online Workshop and matching their plan to your needs – please contact

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